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Please note that there will be price increases on selected titles from 1 July 2017. Please contact us for more information.

What’s New / Nuwe Vrystellings

Find out what’s hip and happening at Fantasi.

Meet our new characters and see what your old favourites are up to now!

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Catalogue / Katalogus

You saw a cover … You liked it … And you know that a book shouldn’t only be judged by its cover … So you’d want to download our catalogue …

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Skatlam Skaap

Skatlam is so slim soos sy stylvol is. Sy ken die fynere dinge van die lewe en het ’n kop vir besigheid.

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Mr Grizzle

Mr Grizzle has a sweet tooth. He’s big and strong, but has one weakness – honey.

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Vonkie die Draakperdjie

Is dit wasem of … rook? Dis reg, Vonkie blaas vuur … want Vonkie is … ’n draakperdjie!

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Jasper has a kind heart. His friends and his dog, Rusty, love him and he loves them too.

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Teddie leer van kleure, vorms, en hy leer tel. Teddie ken al die kleure van die reënboog, en jy?

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Felix Fox

Felix Fox, captain of the Treasure Hunt, saves the day like a true hero … across galaxies and stories!

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Oloff die Seerower

Met rapier in die hand maak Oloff die dames se knieë lam en boewe se broeke bewe.

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Flinty Fakebeard

Flinty is a pirate … because his daddy is one … well … define pirate …

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Flinty Fakebeard / Flintie Valsbaard - Book Series
Die Draakjagter - Book Series
Felix Fox / Feliks Vos - Book Series
Hekselientjie - Book Series
Jasper / Jasper - Book Series
Sparky / Vonkie - Book Series
Sheryl Sheep / Skatlam Skaap - Book Series
Teddie - Book Series
The Smurfs / Die Smurfies - Book Series
Mr Grizzle / Meneer De Beer - Book Series